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Exercise your powers and establish vote transfer centers on university campuses – NUGS tells EC

The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) is urging the Electoral Commission (EC) to “exercise its powers to the fullest and take the necessary steps” to establish voter registration centers in tertiary institutions.

This call follows an earlier petition to the EC.

In a press statement issued on June 5, the union stated that the move will help students who are registered voters but may not be able to vote in their designated constituencies.

“We kindly request that the Electoral Commission takes the necessary steps to enable the limited transfer of votes for our members,” the statement read.

NUGS emphasised that it is imperative these students, who contribute to the nation’s development through their education, are not neglected in major decision-making exercises.

“Our petition is firmly rooted in the legal and constitutional framework of Ghana. We draw attention to Section 12 (1) of the Electoral Commission Act, which mandates the Commission to make regulations for the registration of voters, including provisions for voting by proxy and the issue of identity cards.

“Furthermore, Article 42 of the 1992 Constitution guarantees every citizen of Ghana, aged eighteen and above, the right to vote. Article 45 and Article 46 of the Constitution empower the Electoral Commission to make regulations for the transfer of votes, ensuring that no citizen is disenfranchised,” NUGS said in a press statement on June 10.

The union reiterated its commitment to advocating for the rights and welfare of students, insisting that every student should have the opportunity to exercise their constitutional right to vote without undue hardship.

They argued that by setting up these centers, the EC would not only ease the logistical and financial burdens on students but also uphold the principles of inclusivity and fairness that underpin Ghana’s democracy.

“We earnestly appeal to the Electoral Commission to establish voter registration centers on university campuses. This action will protect the guaranteed right to vote for students and ensure their active participation in the democratic process,” the union added.


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