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Accra West ECG recovers GH¢675,313.00 from illegal connections

The Accra West Region of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), has recovered GH¢675,313.00 from 94 customers found to have engaged in various forms of illegal connection of power.

The illegalities the customers engaged in included meter bypasses, meter tampering, unauthorized service connections, and direct connections.

Their activities were identified during the company’s one-week nationwide revenue mobilization exercise embarked upon from Monday, May 26 to June 2, 2023. 

The revenue mobilization initiative, a follow-up to the initial one-month exercise, was designed to retrieve all debts owed to the ECG.

It was also to monitor the health of its meter installations in customer facilities. 

In the course of the monitoring, the Accra West Region retrieved 535,822 kilowatts of electricity which translated into GH¢675,313.00.

Commenting on the development, the ECG Accra West General Manager, Emmanuel Akinie commended the vigilance of the field team in uncovering the illegalities. 

He noted that the illegalities identified were sophisticated, which showed the determination of some customers to deny the company of revenue from the electricity they use. 

According to the general manager, they have disconnected power to these customers, surcharged them for the electricity they used, and a penalty fee for engaging in the illegalities and they will be prosecuted.

He revealed that they have introduced some smart meter solutions on a pilot basis, which gives EC real-time updates of what is happening on customer premises.

Emmanuel Akinie added that it signals their office once the meter case is opened, bypassed, or tampered with.

Story by Anastasia Baddoo

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