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Speed Kills Campaign: road safety Ambassador calls on all Ghanaians to join the fight

According to the World Health Organization, road crashes are a leading cause of death and injury in Ghana.

The causes of road crashes in Ghana are varied, but they often include speeding, drunk driving, poor road conditions, and lack of adherence to traffic laws. In addition, many vehicles on Ghana’s roads are old and poorly maintained, which can contribute to accidents.

Given the high number of road crashes in Ghana, there is a need for a campaign to raise awareness about road safety. Such a campaign could include public education and awareness campaigns, stricter enforcement of traffic laws, and efforts to improve road conditions and vehicle maintenance.

The government of Ghana has already taken some steps to address road safety, including the creation of the National Road Safety Commission and the passage of a Road Traffic Act.

Rev Cyril Crabbe – President, Accident Support Victims

 However, Road Safety ambassador and president of the accident victim support, Rev Cyril Crabbe is leading a campaign on lowing speed limit and he has called on all Ghanaians to join the campaign.

Speaking to Naa Anyema Collison he stated that ‘we realized that the crashes that are happening because of speeding over speeding, courses of road crashes that is reckless driving wrongful overtaking. I know that even with autos and how small our roads are, we realize that because of speeding, so the campaign is aimed at advocating for your speed or checking your speed above pacing tolerance on the road. Secondly, we also tried to tell the drivers that they should be mindful of their life. Valuable parts of the channel constitute a very vulnerable part of the country. The occupation is very professional, so that you see it as a professional, occupation and professional. You cannot just be driving and killing people all the time.

The aim is to let the driver know that your self-esteem matters. So, value yourself and value. Other people above all are also looking at our phones and the investment put into the college. The same effort and investment should be made to accidents, road crashes. Which of course after today, continuously, and every day I believe in a day we should be counting about fifteen lives. Now. If we should try and invest in putting more resources, the mercenaries give them resources that will help them to indeed us the authority and they should make sure that our rules, poor tools that have taken over us which is also a contributing factor is being chipped. So, this is what the campaign is all about. Drivers to self-esteem and limiting disputes.

The Campaign is on from now to the end of 2023 and is targeted to reducing fifty percent of speed limited crushers.

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