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Recent songs are contributing to falling moral standards- Dr. Richardson Commey Fio

Dr. Richardson Commey Fio, Director for Policy Planning, Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation at the National Commission on Culture (NCC), has condemned the production of profane songs, which he says are contributing to rising unethical behaviors in society.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Dr. Commey said he had observed a trend in recent years of musicians writing songs with morally offensive lyrics. He said this is unethical and undermined the proper values of the country.

“The NCC has noticed with worry the influx of songs and other musical contents that don’t promote positive human behavior,” Dr. Commey said. “The question that arises is, ‘Are we doing music for its own sake, or are we using our creativity to address behavioral issues in our society?’”

Dr. Commey said that music has the power to influence people’s behavior and that the content of music can contribute to falling moral standards. He urged musicians to use their creativity to promote positive messages, and he urged parents to be mindful of the kind of music their children listen to.

He further added that the NCC will start a campaign to raise money to educate musicians about the value of their creativity to the growth of the industry. He said that the NCC hopes to work with music associations to reduce the production of profane songs.

Story by Aisha Alhassan

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