Failure of financial institutions & independent financial service providers, to live up to service quality in the specific area of money movement, collection, and distribution of same within the city centers has come to the forth again at the backdrop of the highway bullion van robbery in Accra.

The financial sector regulators would have to work around the clock to ensure stakeholders in the financial sector, particularly independent private businesses providing sensitive services of moving money within the commercial city centers in Ghana, are meeting the criteria for Service Delivery Qualities.

Stakeholders relenting on their obligations to ensure quality is prioritised, and implemented, will not be in the interest of all; vulnerabilities will be high, and Law enforcement officers will struggle to meet the standard criteria, and be successful in the discharge of their duties.

It is possible that, the high way criminals have observed the sub-standard BULLION VANS, and levels of security lapses over time, and have duly emboldened themselves, taking advantage of the service quality breaches and lapses.

Let the Stakeholders get back to work, and ensure the right professional standards are met, else, they would have to prepare for high cost of service delivery, customer confidence will be affected, and insecurity will be higher within their ranks.

Training of securiry officers, and dispatching them to duty with the requisite service delivery equipment, and attire would be a laudable strategy to help curb the menance of gunning down duty police officers in our streets.

Condolence to the families bereaved.
Frankly speaking, we can do much better.

By: Richard Kumadoe
Fraud Preventions Expert and Security Consultant.

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