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Assin North By-Election Violence

The election managers and supervisors, especially the police have allowed too many non-election participatory actors into the constituency, and that is where they have lost the plot.

Behaviour and negative attitudes of these actors is what is fuelling the violence which cannot be immediately comprehended, and has the tendency of marring the otherwise peaceful nature of the elections so far.

Anybody caught trying to disturb or disrupt the elections, and the electoral procedure should be dealt with mercilessly by the law enforcement officers on duty.

These negativities being observed, and reported are not necessarily the works of the constituents, but rather political actors who have no business being at the Assin North Constituency.

It is a high time we Institute election regulations to curtail, and curb violence and violent-related activities on our election grounds.

As part of an effective election management process, we must work hard to restrict aliens and non- participatory actors from having full access to election materias, and in close proximity to the voting arena.

Let it not be said that, black people can’t manage anything by themselves, and to that extent, common by-election management has also become a major tussle and hurdle to jump over.

Shameless and shamefulness must be avoided and stopped at all cost.

IGP, do your job, and ensure sanity at all times. Thank you, sir. Salute all the officers on duty, doing their possible best to serve mother Ghana.

By Richard Kumadoe
Founder, Independent Election Security, and compliance watchers.

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