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Swiss Cyclist to Switch Nationality to Ghana

Mr Patrick Ifanger, a Swiss national Para Cyclist, who is in Ghana to help improve the sport, said he wants to Race for Ghana.

Patrick Ifanger – Swiss Para Cyclist wants to compete for Ghana

In an interview with him the Para Track Cyclist said One of the main reasons he is in Ghana now is because he was invited by Ghana cycling Federation to come and start racing Ghana

According to him he has been in contact with the Ghana Cycling Federation for a long time and He is in the process to switch Nationality.

“So we got the support from Ghana cycling as well as from Para cycling and from some leaders like the President, maybe from everybody. So that’s going to be a huge win win situation. Yeah, because I want to race for a country that respects me, that let me just do the sports that I want to do that I love to do. That was very difficult in Switzerland. You know, in Europe, there’s so many regulations as well and many athletes as well. So for me I was just like, hey, I love this sport, and I want to maybe as well give something to others. And with that, we know each other so it’s a perfect match here and that’s the process we’re in now. And I hope that everything that what we’re doing now here will help to switch nationality very fast because I would have raced in Glasgow, I think that’s too short term.“
Mr Ifanger was speaking on ADOA TV’s Sports Xplosion

Asked about some of the things he is envisaging for the Cycling Federation he said he wants to bring athletes to Switzerland to train and have access to the facilities in Switzerland and help in opening of the track cycling hall here in Accra.

According to him it’s not about the incompetence on the street, but he wants to help cycling teams grow in such that in three to five years the federation will have teams that are maybe better or decently educated especially with the material that will allow them to really compete with the best and that’s how he want to help in the development of the sport.

Mr Ifanger was in the company of a Ghanaian Olympic ski professional based in Switzerland and

The athlete who want to introduce Ski sports to Ghana, brought six of the vehicles to the country and which are being exhibited at the University of Ghana Legon.

Story by Isaac Mortey – Sports Desk

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