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Bono Region: Abansere residents live in fear over strange thunder strike

A strange thunder strike has sent shockwaves among residents of Abansere, a farming community in the Berekum West District of the Bono Region.

The residents say they are shaken by the lightning bolt they witnessed in the community and the fear instilled may linger for some time since they have not witnessed something like that in the community before.

According to them, they were left in a state of disbelief and anxiety after the lightning bolt descended from the darkened skies and unleashed its fury on a tree in the community.

A mother who was pounding fufu had the pestle taken from her and thrown some metres away with her child who playing around hit by the thunder strike, and only able to speak after almost thirty minutes.

Recounting the harrowing moments as the thunder strike hit the community, an opinion leader, Karim Mbangwah, described the incident as terrifying and surreal.

“I was with my children fetching water when the thunder came and I must admit that some of us had to hide for fear because we have never seen like that. Many people had to run for their lives and even though there was no casualty, the fear is still with us.”

Kofi Demo on his part added that he suspects the thunder strike might have some spiritual connotations because about a year ago it emerged that the tree that was hit is the meeting place for witches.

“What happened in the community cannot be said to be normal… for me, it is spiritual because over a year ago a fetish priest came to the community and revealed that the tree that was struck is the meeting place for witches in the community.”

He indicated that the said tree has started to wither so he is hopeful that such a strange occurrence will not happen in the community again.

“The tree has started to wither so if what the fetish priest said is true then we won’t witness such an incident in the community again”.


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