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GNAT distributes life jackets to address the alarming incidents of teacher drownings in the Volta Lake

In a proactive move to address the concerning frequency of teacher drownings in the Volta Lake, the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has provided 251 life jackets to teachers stationed in communities along the lake in the Oti Region.

The initiative aims to enforce a vital safety precaution for teachers traveling to their schools across the lake on a daily basis.

General Secretary of GNAT, Thomas Musah, emphasized that the allocation of life jackets would benefit teachers in approximately 36 community basic schools in the Krachi East and West districts of the region.

He stated, “it is crucial for teachers to wear life jackets during their daily trips across the lake to ensure their safety.”

This effort follows a previous distribution of life jackets in 2022, during which members expressed concerns about inadequate supplies.

Mr. Thomas Musah highlighted a recent incident in May where a teacher tragically drowned on the lake when the boat he was traveling on capsized while returning from school on Agamkope Island.

Teacher Prosper K Addo shared his near-death experience during a six-hour journey on the Volta Lake to an island community in the Krachi West District, recounting, “At the time, I wasn’t wearing a life jacket, meaning I would have needlessly lost my life.”

Ransford Appiah, Assistant Headteacher of Kudorkope D/A Primary School, also emphasized the risks teachers face while commuting across the lake from Dambai to Kudorkope on weekdays to fulfill their duty of providing quality education to deserving children.

Many teachers across the country endure similar ordeals, with some losing their lives due to the lack of protective gear.

To address the safety concerns of teachers commuting to riverine communities, GNAT has procured 251 life jackets, which will be distributed in the Krachi East and West Districts. GNAT National President, Rev Isaac Owusu, expressed his concern over the challenges faced by teachers in underserved communities, urging the government to take decisive action.

General Secretary Thomas Musah was alarmed to discover that “approximately half of the island communities in the Krachi East District lack schools,” questioning the government’s commitment to providing equal access to education.

The distribution of life jackets will extend to other high-risk areas where teachers work, including parts of the Ashanti, Eastern, and Greater Accra Regions, aiming to protect teachers who cross water bodies like the Volta Lake daily to fulfill their teaching responsibilities.


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