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Trader jailed for 10 years for defrauding his best friend

A 33-year-old trader who defrauded his best friend received a 10-year prison term.

Seth Antwi, the complainant, and Francis Yeboah, the accused, are friends, the prosecuting officer, ASP Newlove Adjei, testified before the court, which was presided over by his honour Stephen Kumi, Esq.

Francis Yeboah told Seth Antwi that he knows a certain spiritualist who can assist them succeed in life in 2016 as part of his effort to obtain Seth Antwi’s money.

Seth was informed once more by Francis that the spiritualist had given him a ring and instructed him to bury it for three days to ensure their prosperity.

After the three days had passed, Francis informed Seth that he couldn’t find the ring where he had hidden it and that unless they were able to acquire a discharge from a woman’s private area to make up for the spiritualist, they would both go insane.

Francis went on to persuade Seth that since he has never had sex with a woman, obtaining the discharge will be impossible for him; thus, he will obtain it on their behalf from his ex-girlfriend.

On the same day, Francis informed Seth that he had paid to obtain his girlfriend’s release and would send it to the spiritualist.

A month later, Francis went to tell Seth that the woman from whom they had received the discharge had passed away. According to the lady’s family’s investigations, Francis and Seth are both to blame and as a result, they are demanding GH 100,000.

Later, Francis informed Seth that they had agreed to pay GH Ghc200 each day following a meeting with the family and their attorney.

Seth began making payments starting February 2017 till June 2023 because of fear and it summed up to GH500,000.

Later, it was determined that Francis is the owner of the phone number Francis claimed belonged to the spiritualist and which he used to extort money from Seth.

Francis was detained, the case was looked into, and he decided to do it. Later, he was hauled before the judge, who sentenced him to 10 years in jail with hard labour for fraud.


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