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Prophet Kofi Oduro identifies churches government should promptly shut down

Prophet Kofi Oduro, the Head Pastor and Founder of Alabaster International Ministries has called for the closure of certain types of churches in Ghana due to their questionable practices.

While not explicitly naming these churches, Prophet Oduro highlighted specific activities that he believes make them “un-church-like” and warrant their closure.

In a video shared on YouTube by NGOSRA TV GH, Prophet Oduro expressed concern over churches that engage in practices such as mixing concoctions with items like pomades and fragrances, which are sold to people claiming to have special properties. He criticized these actions as being contrary to the teachings of Christianity and described them as “silliness.”

He also highlighted churches where leaders engage in unchristian behaviors, including lying on the floor and dancing to secular songs during church services. Prophet Oduro expressed frustration that such practices are being upheld and followed by church members.

Prophet Oduro then questioned the role of the Ghanaian government in allowing these practices to persist, suggesting that these churches should be considered criminal enterprises. He compared the situation to Rwanda, where stricter regulations are in place for starting a church, including a requirement for a first-degree education. He argued that such regulations help ensure that churches are founded on a more educated and responsible basis.

In his address, Prophet Oduro called for the government to take action against churches engaging in such practices and criticized the lack of stricter regulations in Ghana’s religious landscape.

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