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ECOWAS condemns attacks on Nigerien soldiers by armed groups

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has condemned attacks by armed groups in Niger which have led to the death of several Nigerien soldiers.

On July 27, soldiers, primarily from the presidential guard, seized Niger’s President Mohamed Bazoum, leading to the dissolution of the constitution, suspension of all institutions, and the closure of the nation’s borders.

President Mohamed Bazoum remains in the custody of the presidential guard since July 27, despite cautions from ECOWAS for the military to hand over power to the constitutionally elected President.

ECOWAS in a statement bemoaned the various attacks on Nigerien soldiers by armed groups, calling for a return to constitutional rule to deal with the security situation in Niger.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs of Defense Staff from ECOWAS countries will meet in Accra today, Thursday, August 17, 2023, to strategise on possible military intervention in Niger.

ECOWAS leaders last week resolved to activate a standby force for intervention following a takeover by the junta.

The Military Chiefs are expected to prepare a plan of attack in Niger if ECOWAS leaders give the green light.

Chief of Defense Staff for the Federal Republic of Nigeria, General Christopher Musa, said they will do what is right.

“We must confront them head-on, dwell upon our shared experiences, wisdom and the strength of our collective resolve. Our decisions will be a strong message about our commitment to democracy, our intolerance for unconstitutional changes of government and our dedication to regional stability,” he added.

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