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Niger coup: ECOWAS asserts no requirement for United Nations’ approval to deploy troops

The Commissioner for Political Affairs at the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Ambassador Abdel-Fatal Musah, has stated that ECOWAS does not require explicit permission from the United Nations (UN) to deploy troops to Niger.

His statement comes amid concerns that the UN might not be aligned with ECOWAS’s plans for a military intervention to address the coup situation in Niger.

Ambassador Fatawu Musah emphasized that ECOWAS intends to fund the intervention itself without seeking external support. He clarified that ECOWAS’s regulations do not necessarily require invoking Chapter 7 of the UN’s charter, which deals with actions against threats to international peace and security, particularly armed intervention.

He highlighted the challenging asymmetric conflict environment in West Africa due to terrorism and cited past instances where ECOWAS deployed forces in Liberia and Sierra Leone without invoking Chapter 7.

Ambassador Musah also noted that while the UN has condemned the coup and is supportive of ECOWAS’s actions, the sub-regional body aims to address the coup situation using its own resources. He stressed the importance of taking decisive action to put an end to the cycle of coups in West Africa.

Discussions within ECOWAS are ongoing regarding the appropriate measures to address the coup situation in Niger, as the military junta has resisted handing over power to the democratic government and releasing the detained president, Mohamed Bazoum.


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