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Akufo-Addo, we’re suffering – Nurses cry while pushing motorbike through stream

A video has surfaced online in which a senior nurse is seen pushing a heavy-looking motorcycle through a stream to cross it to the other end, while she and her subordinates lament that their remuneration is not commensurate with the labour.

The uniform-wearing health worker is seen struggling to send the motorbike across the stream while walking in the water with her footwear.

According to the nurses, they had gone to carry out a weighing exercise for babies in a particular community, which most mothers didn’t even turn up, upon all the stress.

While pushing the motorbike in the stream, another nurse filmed her struggle, while they laugh at the same time, asking “Do you see how we are suffering?” They are heard entreating President Akufo-Addo to pay them well for the crucial work they do, saying they suffer too much for worthless salaries.

The footage has been engendering numerous reactions, with many Ghanaians agreeing that health workers deserve better remuneration for their services. Some people too said they are not surprised Ghanaian nurses are leaving the country in their numbers to seek greener pastures abroad.

Several hundreds of nurses have left Ghana to practice their profession in the US and UK among other destinations where they are believed to be in high demand and paid better. The mass exodus has sparked concerns of a health crisis as analysts fear critical areas of the health sector might suffer.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Health Service says there is no cause for alarm because more nurses have been trained to fill the vacuum created by the departure of the others.



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