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Unlike before, things are really hard – Auntie Muni laments

Auntie Muni, a famous waakye seller in Accra, has voiced her concerns about the adverse effects of economic hardship on her thriving business.

She lamented the increase in the cost of living, particularly the soaring prices of essential commodities in the market.

During the interview, she recalled a time when her waakye business flourished, and she was able to comfortably support her children, even sending money in dollars for their care.

“In the past, it was good, but now no more. Things are very expensive now, but truth be told, it was good in the past,” Auntie Muni explained.

She pointed out how economic pressures have made it increasingly difficult for individuals to provide for their families.

“Nowadays you can’t take care of your children, but for me, I have taken care of my children, I used to pay in dollars but this time, no; it is not like the past.”


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