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There would be another voter’s registration in 2024 after EC’s CI is passed – Delanyo alleges

Lawyer Eric Delanyo has stated the supposed reason behind the insistence of the Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC) to hold its limited voter registration exercise at its district offices.

According to him, the EC is holding its limited registration at the district offices to ensure that very few people get on the register.

 Lawyer Delanyo added that the reason the EC wants very few people added to the register is that, it intends to organise another registration exercise when its Constitutional Instrument (C.I.) for the 2024 elections is passed in 2024.

“The real reason they are doing this registration at the district offices, people have to understand, is that they don’t want too many people to get on the register right now. Because next year they are going to come out with a C.I. that would require only the Ghana Card,” he said.

He added that the EC would lay the same C.I. it was asked to amend, which makes the Ghana Card the only required document for the registration of voters.

He said that the minority caucus of parliament would this time around have no power to stop the laying of the C.I. because it would not get the support of the majority side.

The legal practitioner, who is also a member of the National Democratic Congress, added his party’s parliamentarians made the mistake of not ensuring that the C.I. of the EC was completely struck out when it had the support of the majority caucus MPs.


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