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Samira Bawumia’s “pricey” bags under scrutiny as calls for clean campaigns gain momentum

In the midst of the escalating political frenzy ahead of the November 4 presidential primaries, a surprising controversy has emerged, centred around Second Lady Samira Bawumia and her choice of bags.

Kwabena Senkyire, a staunch supporter of Mahamudu Bawumia‘s flagbearership campaign, has stepped forward to call for a clean and propaganda-free campaign season within the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Senkyire’s comments come in response to allegations made against Samira Bawumia by a member of the Kennedy Agyapong campaign team, Ralph Agyapong.

Ralph Agyapong alleged that Samira Bawumia’s recent remarks about the necessity of retaining power and the rejection of bitter and angry candidates were aimed at his brother, Kennedy Agyapong.

Furthermore, he claimed that these comments were fueled by the Second Lady’s lavish lifestyle, particularly her penchant for bags that carry a hefty price tag in the thousands of US dollars.

Senkyire, not one to stay silent, swiftly defended Samira Bawumia from these allegations, questioning the relevance of such accusations in the political arena. He said, “Have you seen a First or Second Lady who goes around holding a bag? It hasn’t happened before, has it? Have you seen a president holding his own bag before? It doesn’t happen, so let’s stop the propaganda.”

Senkyire emphasized that these internal squabbles could potentially harm the NPP’s chances in the upcoming elections and cautioned against publicizing every issue within the party. He also reiterated Samira’s warning that when power is entrusted to an individual, it must be done so with great care.

“This is an internal fight because if we have to say everything, there would be issues… Hajia Samira said something and I would like to repeat it, ‘that if you give power to a person, be very careful’,” he said.

As the political climate heats up, it remains to be seen how this unusual controversy surrounding Samira Bawumia’s choice of accessories will impact the NPP’s race for the presidency. Nonetheless, calls for a cleaner and more focused campaign continue to gain traction, with Senkyire’s intervention serving as a timely reminder of the importance of unity within the party.


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