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Suicide: A Prevalent Menace in the World

The world’s systems have been designed such that challenges and issues are bound to present themselves. These challenges and issues have been the cause of Mental Health Disorder which is sadly, what is leading to suicide cases which have been seen and heard of over the years. According to the World Health Organization, Mental Health Disorder is characterized by a clinically significant disturbance in an individual’s cognition, emotional regulation, or behaviour.

This is usually associated with distress or impairment in important areas of functioning, with its major type being depression, which keeps surging the population of suicide cases. Depression Depression is the loss of pleasure or interest in activities one used to be doing due to persistent sadness, caused by a switch in one’s emotions. There are so many things that can cause an individual to get depressed.

Mention can be made of the loss of a loved one or anything valuable, abuses, facing a trying time in life, just to mention a few. The stages of depression can be fierce when the individual starts to feel hopeless and worthless. At times, it happens when the person is not getting solutions to the problem they are going through. They battle with it for so long time and if nothing is done, they take the last option, being suicide. Most times, people who are found to have caused such acts are blamed for their actions. All sorts of things are said against them, who would have been deceased by then?

The truth about the matter is that people will prefer to keep their problems to themselves and take wrong actions than to seek help. Why because it is really hard to trust people. This is a very delicate one, which should be sought properly. It has been speculated that 703,000 people take their lives annually. In Ghana, an approximated number of 1,500 people and all of this is a result of depression.

Depression among teenagers The teenage stage of life is characterized by massive changes physically, in terms of social development and emotionally. It is at that time of life that individuals need help the most. They need all the attention, love, support and all of that because navigating their way through life is not something they are used to. They are novices who need to be taken through such times.

It is often noticed that they are more comfortable talking to their peers than they are with their guardians or parents and it is seen that they mess up a lot because their friends give them no better counsel. A major factor that is causing depression among teenagers is an inferiority complex. The issue is that not everyone can be perfect in terms of abilities but the beautiful thing is, that everyone has been made very uniquely, just that not everyone has been able to discover that uniqueness. You realize that teenagers at that stage of life begin to feel insecure and often tend to develop low self-esteem.

Those feelings at times get ignited by friends and even family. There are friends who are very good at shoving your weakness in your face. Instead of them encouraging you and helping you develop your unique personality, all they do is mock you or even make you realize how better they are than you are. Such things are very disheartening, and we realize that they happen everywhere. Also, with family, they begin to compare you with the friend’s children and even pressure the children to do what they know is impossible for them to do, instead of encouraging them and helping them unearth their unique selves.

 It is at that point that the children begin to feel like no one needs them and that their existence is not even of any relevance. Thoughts of taking their lives set in and they do justice to that. If indeed, we want people to stop committing suicide, then this must stop. Depression caused by Emotional torture Physical torture is painful but emotional torture kills very fast. Emotional torture has to do with the infliction of severe emotional pain and suffering on an individual. It involves the use of harsh words(verbal abuse), criticisms, and even manipulation. Emotional torture makes an individual feel trapped, and emotionally drained, which can go a long way to cause one to be depressed and develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder(PSTD). A lot of people are struggling with emotional torture because of a toxic relationship they find themselves in, in the work environment, even on social media and also among friends.

When we take the relationship aspect, for instance, be it a union between married or unmarried couples, we realize that they live together if not every day but at least, stick to each other more. For that reason, when one is being abused, the impact is felt a lot because you really have nowhere to go than to be together, especially with those who are married and have to stick to their vows of “for better for worse.” Even though women torture men emotionally, there is an unarguable fact that men emotionally torture their women more often.

 They make it look like since people are going to frown on physical torture, then emotional torture will be the best because after, it’s going to be a slow sure poison to kill. Most times, these things are stemmed from problems that arise and are unable to be solved properly. There are some victims that develop certain ailments from the torture, others commit suicide too. Aside from inferiority complex and emotional torture, there are so many other things that are causing people to take their lives. The very best solution to this problem is making everyone feel comfortable, trying to help people when they are faced with challenges, and being there for people in any little way possible. We need to realize that every action taken can affect people consciously and unconsciously so we must be careful about everything we do for that matter.


Story By: Michelle

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