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Reform teacher licensure exams – Divine Kpe

Former president John Dramani Mahama, who is the flagbearer for the National Democratic Congress [NDC] has reiterated his pledge to abolish the licensure examination of graduate teachers.

Reacting to this, an Educational Advocate and a fellow of the African Education watch, Divine Kpe says the teacher licensure reform should target skills rather than paper to pen exams.

Speaking on the AM GHANA SHOW, Divine Kpe indicated that using examination to license teachers does not serve a good purpose, opting that, it can be reformed to target skills teachers actually need before entering into classrooms.

Divine Kpe emphasized that attitude and skills are key to becoming a teacher.

” Using examination to assess skills is not valuable as compared to making it holistic or in a practicalize way”.

According to him, being passionate about paper assessment is not necessary considering its poor outcome in results.

“I subscribe to the idea of teacher licensure reform. the current form of using examination does not serve a good purpose and if there can be a relief form to ensure that, it’s well targeted at skills that the teachers actually need before entering into classrooms would have been helpful “.

Mr David elaborates saying pedagogical skills, classroom management, and knowledge about National Teaching Standards are some core skills teachers should have before entering into classrooms.

“The exams focused should not be numeracy and literacy”he said.

He suggested that reform should target the skills and then set mock classroom exams for teachers to demonstrate those kits.

“Pen-to-paper assessments should be 30% to 40% then the skills should be more focused,” Divine Kpe said.

BY: Awlavi Justine

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