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Africa’s unity is a threat to our enemies – Julius Malema

South African firebrand politician Julius Malema has delivered a powerful message during his recent visit to Ghana, emphasizing the urgent need for African unity.

In a stirring address, Malema highlighted the enduring challenges faced by Ghana and other African nations in achieving true independence, particularly in the economic sphere.

He asserted that while countries like Ghana have advanced in terms of democracy, it continues to rely on outdated economic structures that perpetuate dependency on entities with historical ties to colonial powers.

Malema commended Ghana’s long-standing democracy, recognizing it as one of the oldest on the continent. However, he drew attention to the persistent issue of economic control, pointing out that the means of production in Ghana are still largely owned by entities with colonial ties. The discrepancy between political freedom and economic dependence, he argued, renders the former meaningless without the latter.

“Ghana’s democracy is very old compared to other democracies in the continent but the means of production are still owned by those who previously colonized us and how do we go beyond that because political freedom without economic emancipation is meaningless and this type of engagement seek to ensure that the people of Africa are aware that if we stand divided only the imperialist and colonialist stands to benefit,” he stated.

“The unity of Africa is a threat to the enemies of Africa,” Malema passionately declared, emphasizing the importance of solidarity among African nations in the face of external pressures.

He warned against division, asserting that a fragmented Africa only serves the interests of imperialists and colonialists who continue to benefit from economic disparities.


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