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Understanding Community Perspectives: Policy Priorities, Economic Assessment and Voting Intentions

In any community, understanding the diverse perspectives of its members is crucial for informed decision-making and responsive governance. The DAI POINT (Data, Analysis and Insights) of ADOA TV’s recent survey at Accra Central delving into the dynamics of a particular community has shed light on the varying opinions of its residents regarding gender representation, policy priorities, and the potential impact of the current situation on their voting intentions.

Gender Dynamics:

The survey reveals a balanced distribution in terms of gender representation, with 38.7% identifying as female and 61.3% as male. While this demographic snapshot provides an overview, a deeper exploration into gender-specific concerns and perspectives could unearth valuable insights for policymakers and community leaders. Initiatives to promote gender equality and address specific needs may be warranted, considering the varied perspectives that different genders might bring to community development.

Policy Priorities:

Respondents were asked to identify the policy areas they believe require the most attention in their community. The results showcase a range of concerns:

– Education: 25.8% of respondents prioritize education, emphasizing investing in knowledge and skill development for community growth.

– Health Care/Environment: 35.5% express concern about healthcare and environmental issues, highlighting the interconnectedness of well-being and environmental sustainability.

– Infrastructure/Accommodation: 22.6% emphasise the significance of robust infrastructure and housing accommodations for community development.

– Public Safety: 16.1% underscore the need for measures ensuring public safety, signalling a call for community security initiatives.

This nuanced understanding of policy priorities can guide policymakers in formulating targeted interventions that align with the specific needs and aspirations of the community.

Economic Assessment:

Participants were also asked to rate the current economic situation in their community. The responses provide a spectrum of opinions:

– Excellent: 6.5%

– Fair and Good: Combined for 9.7%

– Poor: 38.7%

– Very Poor: 48.4%

This distribution underscores the challenges faced by the community, particularly in the economic domain. Policymakers should take note of these sentiments, focusing on economic empowerment initiatives and strategies to improve financial well-being.

Impact on Voting Intentions:

The survey explored whether the current situation would influence voting decisions. The findings are enlightening:

– Maybe: 16.1% are uncertain, indicating responsiveness to evolving circumstances.

– No: A small proportion (3.2%) is confident their vote will not be influenced.

– Yes: The majority (80.6%) acknowledges that the current situation will significantly shape their voting decisions.

These results emphasize the interconnectedness of community sentiments and political engagement, urging political parties to align their campaigns with the real concerns of the community.

‘The DAI POINT’ is a programme that aims to gather public opinion insights by utilizing research and data analysis techniques to inform policy-makers, political races, Civil societies, individuals, debates and others. DAI Point is dedicated to capturing raw and unfiltered public opinion by employing innovative research methodologies and data analysis.  

In drawing the curtains down, the survey encapsulates diverse perspectives within the community, providing a valuable foundation for responsive governance. By recognizing the nuanced opinions on gender dynamics, policy priorities, economic conditions, and voting intentions, policymakers, political parties, and community organizations can tailor their strategies to address the specific needs and aspirations of the community, fostering a more inclusive and responsive approach to community development.


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