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Cocoa Importation: Declare how much you buy Cocoa from other countries – Stephenson Anane Boateng

Mr. Stephenson Anane Boateng, the National President of the Ghana National Cocoa Farmers Association (GNACOFA), has expressed his frustration with the constant misrepresentation of facts to the public regarding cocoa importation. He stated that the GNACOFA is tired of hearing false comments on this issue.

Speaking on “AM.Ghana” on Adoatv, Mr Stephenson discloses that, Ghanaian Cocoa Farmers have been doing their best since independence. According to him, the Association of Cocoa Farmers are positive in helping the country generate foreign currency yearly but the Government’s commitment to Cocoa farmers is not encouraging.

The President stated that there has been inadequate communication and engagement between previous governments and cocoa farmers, resulting in the inability of cocoa production to support the economy. The President noted that his administration received reports via social media that Ghana was importing cocoa from neighbouring countries, despite Ghana’s cocoa being of the highest premium quality in the world.

“He lamented the fact that the cocoa board does not pay the cocoa farmers adequately. He asked where and how the Cocoa board is getting the funding to import Cocoa beans from other countries. He urged Cocoboard to show a keen interest in Ghanaian cocoa farmers, as a solution to the association problems. Importing cocoa will not help, as cocoa production will go down in the next 5 years.”  

During the Association President’s address, he emphasized the cocoa board’s responsibility to disclose the exact amount paid for importing cocoa beans from other countries. He further demanded that the bean producers should aim to exceed the cocoa production target of one million metric tons annually.

“Cocoa we know that every year, Cocoa board buys cocoa and loose, meanwhile they don’t have any farm” he said.

Mr Stephenson made a case for increased training for young people in cocoa production. He argued that such training should not be considered child labour. However, there is a lack of interest in cocoa production due to a general unwillingness among young people to pursue it as a career.

Meanwhile, Ghana Cocoa (COCBOD) has clarified that the country’s importation of cocoa beans from neighbouring countries is an industry practice spanning over 20 years.

Click here to read the statement by COCOBOD


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