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“We were Deceived by NPP Sweet Mouth” – OKADA Association of Ghana Confesses

BY: MENSAH MAXWELL mensahm1815@gmail.com

The National Coordinator of the OKADA Association of Ghana, a major stakeholder in the transportation sector, Evans Waja, has voiced his concerns about what he perceives to be unfulfilled promises by the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

During the recent P.M Ghana Show on ADOA TV, the coordinator of the OKADA Association expressed deep frustration, stating that they feel deceived by the enticing promises made during the 2020 electoral campaign. Evans, a member of the association, commented “We were enticed by the NPP’s sweet talk during the election campaign. Promises were made to address our challenges and improve our working conditions, but unfortunately, we are yet to see any significant progress.”

One of the key promises that attracted the OKADA Association’s support was the commitment to regularize and regulate the commercial motorcycle (okada) business. The association claims that the lack of tangible action on this front has negatively impacted its members, who were hopeful for positive changes.

Speaking on the current controversial tax emission, a tax which will be taxed on automobiles as a result of diesel fumes, Evans hinted at the possibility of seeking alternative means to advocate for their members’ interests if their concerns are not adequately addressed in the coming months. This development adds a layer of uncertainty to the political landscape, as the government grapples with managing the expectations of a key constituency.

As the situation unfolds, the OKADA Association’s discontent sheds light on the complexities of balancing campaign promises with the practical challenges of governance, and it serves as a reminder of the importance of open communication and collaboration between political parties and the various sectors they aim to serve.

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