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Breaking The Stigma: Embracing Mental Health As A Priority 


The major impact raised to overcome the shadows of mental health challenges shows that everyone has a story worth sharing. Mental Health is crucial to overall well-being, encompassing emotional, psychological and social aspects of life.

Some Ghanaians have become more addicted to drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, and wee which can harm mental health. Health is our brain, people put so much pressure and affect the capacity of the brain.

Naa Okailey Okaitey, a psychologist in an interview said, “There are some major serious effects of the brain when the mind is not functioning. The are some cardinal points we can look out for. Sleep deprivation is where you do not have enough rest to sleep”.  If you find yourself not sleeping for 72 hours which is approximately 3 days, either you are sleeping too much or you are not sleeping at all.

The brain regulates all the senses we have and appetite issues can also cause that because you not eating properly.

Mental health has very beautiful names but is very dangerous she said. Mental health disorders are depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. Research shows that emerging mental health challenges start from puberty from  age 12 in girls and boys. Abusive marriages are also a concern to mental health.

Mental health should be considered as important as physical health. Society to create conducive awareness and to open doors for them. Being a good listener to mental health patient should not be stigmatized. It is very important to prioritize mental health, destigmatize discussion around it seek professional help and foster a supportive environment.


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