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Online shopping VS traditional shopping

Online shopping is the act of buying products and services on the Internet instead of going to shops, one can browse through websites or mobile apps, select items, and make purchases online, On the other hand, Traditional shopping refers to the activity in which consumers purchase goods and services by physically visiting a given seller or store.

Both traditional and online shopping methods offer a variety of stores to choose from. Most, if not all, physical stores available, have corresponding online stores that offer the same products.

Online shopping has become popular due to its ease and accessibility, on the other hand, it’s always important to be cautious when shopping online and to choose reputable sellers.  

Online shopping is handier, time-saving, and more convenient as compared to traditional shopping. One can go through thousands of items and do comparisons, check for offers and ultimately make a purchase within minutes at the comfort of their seat at any time. This, however, is not possible in traditional stores since one has to physically visit the store to make a purchase.

 For someone to decide to continue shopping online, they have to make sure to research the seller and review and use secure payment methods.  And also have strong relationships and trust before purchasing an item from online shops.  

There is a need to make good requests from the actual online shop and see to it that the website is credible and trustworthy which you can rely on. It saves time and energy since your product will be delivered to you in your comfort zone every good thing comes, but it has its bad side this is disadvantages, risk of fraud, delay in delivering products, products may be faulty… etc

To avoid all these, and for the first time don’t send money before delivery and also eliminate middlemen you need to get intact with the particular website you are purchasing from.

Face-to-face is good in the sense that you can even make strong relationships between customers and business owners another merit one can get from face-to-face shopping is you can choose whatever you want it also offers an immediate and personal shopping experience compared to online most people enjoy physical shopping because it’s allows them to socialize try on clothes, and have hands on the experience products. 

Since a lot of people enjoy shopping online and think it’s convenient and comfortable for them, the government should look forward to increasing the paying of VAT online to prevent scammers from scamming innocent people and tarnishing people’s image, those who are loyal to their customers and clients. 

Online shopping the size and colour may be different from what see on the screen.

Individuals can also avoid all said things if they are vigilant to double-check the website and also ensure it starts with “https” For a secure connection consumers should stick to reputable websites and well-known retailers.

Story By: Suzzy Dankwah

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