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Derbywheel Championship: A Sport Worth $700,000

BY: Isaac Mortey

Derbywheel Cycling Championship Organised by the world Keirin body, which will be competed in Manchester by Professional cyclists have given the riders excitement about the sport.

About 70 Top Derbywheel Riders will compete for $700,000 prize money in a three-day championship.

The competition which will begin this year will also be on sports betting websites where lovers of the sport will be able to bet cyclists who will come out on top of the Race.

The financial system of the Derbywheel will be more beneficial to the Athletes at all levels where top earners will take home around $44,000 per event.

This championship will also help in talent development, especially for the African Cyclist where cycling Academies will be working with Federations to complement the investment they have made in the Athletes.

The Derbywheel will feature Solomon Tagoe, and Farrakhan Mohammed who will be racing on the Ticket of Ghana and will aim of winning the booty.

408 riders from across five continents have registered for this championship.

Cyclists will ride in categories such as General, Excellent, Special and Pro which is reserved for the best

Registered cyclists will go through an induction exercise and will also be required to wear coloured Race Uniform provided by the organizers.

The championship is slated for April 26 – 28, 2024.

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