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Ghana Police Service Guarantees Incident-Free 2024 Elections

By: Pascaline Sacker

Mr. Prince Gabriel Waaby, Deputy Commissioner of Police, assures the public of the Ghana Police Service’s full commitment to ensure a peaceful and incident-free this year’s general elections.

In an interview, DCOP Waabu maintains the preparedness of the Ghana Police Service to protect the 2024 election. He emphasized the implementation of structures and strategies for citizen’s safety throughout the electoral process. The Ghana Police Service under DCOP Waabu’s leadership, adopts measures such as extensive sensitization programs and collaboration with relevant agencies to address potential challenges during the 2024 elections.

Moreover, he stated the ongoing training initiatives within the police force, with over 300 recruits currently undergoing training and expected to graduate soon enhancing the capabilities of the personnel. The increased number of newly trained personnel will importantly strengthen the police service’s ability to address security concerns effectively throughout the upcoming elections. He also cited the successful internal elections of the Political Parties held last year as proof of the Ghana Police Service’s readiness and capability to effectively manage electoral processes.

He expresses confidence in maintaining the same levels of professionalism and efficiency exhibited during the previous internal elections for the upcoming 2024 elections.

Source: Adoanews.com

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