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“Unveiling world social justice day: origins, purpose and social significance”

 Story by: Angelina Tukpe

World Social Justice Day, also known as International Day of Social Justice, is observed annually on February 20th.

The day was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2007 to promote efforts towards tackling issues such as poverty, exclusion, gender equality, social rights, and job security. The purpose of World Social Justice Day is to raise awareness about social justice and to promote efforts to tackle social and economic issues around the world.

It emphasizes the importance of addressing challenges such as unemployment, poverty, and social exclusion. The day also serves to remind countries of the need to implement measures to promote social justice, remove barriers that people face because of gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture, or disability, and to provide access to justice for all.

It is important because it puts a spotlight on the need for social justice and encourages organizations, governments, and individuals to take action to support the principles of social justice. World Social Justice Day also provides an opportunity for people to come together to discuss and raise awareness about the importance of social justice and its role in promoting peace and security around the world.


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