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Do your job well or you risk losing it- Manuel Darko

By Stephen Bittor.

A member of the Communications team for the governing New Patriotic Party ( NPP), Manuel Darko has advised the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to behave responsibly in the discharge of its duties as an opposition party.

According to him, the role of the opposition party is to ensure that the government works effectively by putting it on its toes, however, the NDC seemed to have missed this role.

“The opposition party, you have to make sure that government works effectively and you keep it on its toes, but it seems the opposition party that we have right now, they’re just interested in propaganda; therefore, when you do that, even when you say something, you look at the credibility, so I think that the National Democratic Congress should man up their game” he emphasized.

Mr Darko added that the failure of the NDC to play its roles diligently will warrant the removal of it as the main opposition party to a lesser position as an opposition party by Ghanaians.

” From now on, they should be learning….we gave them the opportunity in 2016 but so far they’ve not learnt much, we’re pleading with them, otherwise Ghanaians will change them and maybe bring in another party to be an opposition party,” he told the host.

Mr. Darko made these statements on the “AM Ghana Show” of Adoa TV this morning, in response to the NDC’s representative, Morgan Attipoe’s comment on the recent ministerial reshuffle, pointing it as an avenue of siphoning the national coffers.

Source: Adoanews.com

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