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Ghana’s Misguided Priorities

By: Ruth Tang

Ghana is facing an economic crisis marked by inflation, currency devaluation, and rising debt levels. Despite this, the government plans to spend $48 million on operational expenses for the 13th African Games, equivalent to GHS 602 million, diverting resources from pressing socio-economic issues.

Parliament initially approved a fraction of this budget, allocating GHS 100 million for Goods and Services and GHS 50 million for Capital Expenditure. President Akufo-Addo’s decision to unilaterally increase the budget by over six times without parliamentary consent raises concerns about democratic processes.

Fundraising efforts for the inflated budget target specific companies, risking unfair competition and undermining transparency. This highlights the government’s misplaced priorities, as ordinary Ghanaians struggle to afford necessities while resources are allocated to extravagant sporting events.

The decision to allocate such sums to sporting events raises questions about fiscal responsibility. With Ghana burdened by high debt levels and struggling to secure essential services, such spending exacerbates the economic situation. The government must reassess the priorities of the country and focus on addressing the pressing needs of its people.

Source: Adoanews.com

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