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Heritage Month – Amedzofe In Perspective

By Stephen Kofi Bittor

Culture is the key identifiable feature of every society. It’s the element that best defines the history, present and future of every society.
The time has come again to appreciate ourselves as Ghanaians with our rich cultural values. This piece seeks to illuminate our origin and other natural endowments, specifically, Amedzofe in the Volta region.

It’s without doubt that Ghana is blessed with so many sceneries which serve as a source of employment and revenue to the state. Being in the heritage month, one would love to tour many of these sites to enjoy the beauty of nature and other artefacts; my suggestion to all is that, Amedzofe should form part of their destination points and their mouths will be full of positive testimonies.

The story of Amedzofe wouldn’t be complete without delving into its history, the meaning and the implications its name, population and other important components of the town. The name, Amedzofe simply means “origin” or where “humans come from”. The inhabitants of the city gave it this name because of it being the highest point of settlement in Ghana. They hold the view that, by the virtue of its altitude ( about 700 meters above sea level) the city is closer to heaven, hence its name.

History had it that, the town was the first point of settlement to the German officials ( traders and missionaries) in the early 1800s due to its humid and “Europe-like” climate. As a result of their settlement, the area witnessed quite several developmental projects very early than other parts of the Volta region. Notable among them, was the construction of the German Missions School which has been converted to Amedzofe EP College of Education.

It’s interesting to note that, this town is surrounded by a lot of sightseeing spots that put visitors in a state of comfort and relaxation. Among them are Mount Gemi, Amedzofe Canopy Walkway, Ote waterfall, and Gbadzeme waterfall, among others. It will be disadvantageous on the part of anybody ( both domestic and international) to tour this town without exploring these fascinating sites. The hospitality of the indigens is one of the defining elements of our rich Ghanaian culture.

In sum, this piece seeks to remind all Ghanaians and even non- Ghanaians about our rich cultural heritage and the natural features that we’re blessed with. As we celebrate this year’s “Ghana Month”, let us not forget our roots, our identity and our natural endowments. Let’s eat Ghana, drink Ghana, experience Ghana and make good use of the moment.

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