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Hosting Events At State House Poses Security Threat To MPs – Speaker

The Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, has highlighted the dangers the numerous events that are held at the forecourt of the State House pose to Members of Parliament.

Speaking to the top five schools that participated in the National Public Speaking Competition, Mr Bagbin said these regular events also restrict the proper functioning of the lawmakers.

The forecourt of the State House, where Ghana’s parliament is located is known for hosting funerals of prominent Ghanaians and other state functions.

“I’m sure when you were coming you heard some noise outside. When we are busy doing our work, then there are people outside there permitted to come and make noise.

“By the time we go outside, they could have broken into our cars, and stolen things. You talk to them it is like they are deaf and dumb, they don’t hear. We are constrained to be able to function properly,” he said.

The Speaker also bemoaned the increasing lack of trust in politicians among Ghanaians.

He said this would make the work of these politicians in the country ineffective.

“When you hear the politicians talking do you believe it? Once you are a leader and the people following you don’t believe you, you can’t achieve anything,” he said.

Story By Philipina Badu

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