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Koforidua witnesses infrastructure boom ahead of 67th Independence Day celebration

Residents of Koforidua, the Eastern Regional capital, have expressed satisfaction with the level of development being undertaken by the government ahead of the 67th Independence Day.

Roads which have been in disrepair for years are now undergoing significant renovations, alongside the replacement of faulty streetlights and traffic signals.

Recently, residents and commuters along the Koforidua Mamfe road were pleasantly surprised to see construction work on the previously neglected thoroughfare.

This neglected road had posed numerous challenges to commuters, with its hazardous potholes making nighttime travel particularly perilous.

Due to this challenge, some drivers resorted to alternative routes, such as the Adukrom through Nkurakan road, despite the increased travel time it entailed.

The decision to prioritize renovations on this road was spurred by the announcement that Koforidua would host Ghana’s 67th Independence Day celebrations on March 6th.

The upcoming event is expected to be graced by esteemed dignitaries, including the President of Ivory Coast, Alassane Dramane Ouattara, as the special guest of honour.

In preparation for the celebrations, major roads in and around the Koforidua Youth Resource Center, the venue for the event, are receiving asphalt overlays, and efforts are underway to fix streetlights, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the regional capital.

Various events have been scheduled for the celebrations, with Seth Kwame Acheampong, the Eastern Regional Minister and Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee, providing insights into the program.

“We are kicking off the festivities with the flag-raising ceremony, followed by a football match, and Monday will be dedicated to a clean-up initiative,” Acheampong stated.

The preparations involve 21 contingents representing different security agencies, 11 schools, 16 regional capitals, and 18 groups, all of whom have been diligently rehearsing for weeks.

With hotels fully booked and establishments like pubs and restaurants stocking up, the city is gearing up to welcome guests for the momentous occasion.

Some residents have expressed appreciation for the infrastructural improvements ahead of the celebrations.

“I’m impressed with the visible progress; it’s evident that efforts are being made to improve the city,” remarked one resident.

Another resident expressed gratitude for the enhancements to the road network in the area.

Restaurant and pub managers are enthusiastic about providing guests with a memorable experience during the 67th Independence Anniversary celebrations.


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