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National Cathedral, not merely a religious symbol – NPP Manuel Darko

By: Angelina Tukpe

The National Cathedral has been a contentious issue in Ghanaian politics, with critics questioning the government’s allocation of resources for its construction. While supporters argue that it will enhance the country’s cultural and religious landscape, opponents argue that funds could be better spent on pressing social and economic needs.

During a recent interview on Adoa TV AM in Ghana, Manuel Darko, a team member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), highlighted the government’s efforts in various sectors of the economy. Manuel mentioned the ambitious Agenda 111 project, which aims to construct 111 hospitals across the country. He also talked about the economic benefits associated with projects like the National Cathedral. Manuel dismissed criticisms from the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) as “misguided.”

“Every sector of the economy is being developed,” noting the progress in infrastructure such as schools, roads, and bridges. He also defended the National Cathedral project, stating that it would not only serve religious purposes but also bring economic opportunities such as job creation and increased revenue for Ghana.

Emphasizing the NDC’s comments, Darko focuses on the religious benefits of the National Cathedral. According to him, the National Cathedral project should not be viewed as just a religious symbol. He believes that every President’s pledge is a personal pledge, and he criticized the opposition’s portrayal of the project as “Miapic” (misapplied). He emphasized the importance of focusing on the project’s broader economic implications.

The ongoing debate surrounding the construction of the National Cathedral in Ghana reflects the deep-seated divisions within the country’s society regarding the role of religion in governance and the proper allocation of public resources. As the project moves forward, it remains to be seen how it will impact Ghana’s socio-economic landscape and political discourse.


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