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Internet Outage: It is hard to locate cause of undersea cable cuts – NCA

According to the National Communication Authority (NCA), it has been proven difficult to examine the cause of the undersea fibre optic cable cuts, which is important for internet connectivity in the country.

In an issued notification on March 14, the authority hinted at multiple disruptions to the undersea cables that significantly affected mobile and fixed data services across the country.

However, in a news outlet, the Director General of the National Communication Authority, Dr. Joe Anokye disclosed that the distance between the four subsea cables makes it extremely difficult to determine the cause of the cuts.

“These 4 cables in Ivory Coast, Cote D’Ivoire, ACE, one of them is called Ace. That’s the one closer. it’s about 118km or so. Between that cable and the next cable is about 11 kilometres and just to put it in context, you know, 11 kilometres is from, like, you know, the general post office to Accra Mall.”

“The distance between that cable SAT-3 and the next cable, which is the main one, is allegedly to be about 67 kilometres, which is like from Accra Mall to Suhum. And all 3 were compromised. The distance between Main One and WACS, it’s also 77 kilometres. This is Suhum to Nkawkaw. So it is very difficult to determine exactly what happened,” he stated.

These disruptions, which occurred in Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, and Portugal, impacted several undersea cables responsible for carrying international traffic, leading to a substantial degradation of data services nationwide.

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