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The Ongoing ‘Internet Blackout’ is suspicious – Dr Argumewu

By: Cornerstone Eliakem

A Leadership and Governance expert Dr. Argumewu has said that the internet blackout is a suspicious occurrence. According to him, it’s a suspicious attack on democracy, trade, and the continent’s independence.

To him, there is more to the internet blackout from a geo-cyberpolitical perspective which needs to be explored to its logical conclusion.

He added that the important question that needs to be asked is “Why should major trading blocks in Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, etc.) be hit by this cyber storm, especially at a time when some of these countries are seriously preparing for general elections?”

He, therefore, urged various stakeholders to put in place robust measures to safeguard the future of the country in the era of ever-increasing cyberterrorism.

Source: Adoanews.com

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