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Disability Sports Unrest

There has been a grand conversation on the deteriorating state of Ghana’s disability sports over the last 3 years and industry players fear things are most likely to get worse due to the undemocratic and dishonest leadership led by the NPC and APC president Mr. Sampson Deen who is the man starting the affairs of the disability sports.

This anxiety is scientifically proven with numerous circumstantial pieces of evidence submitted to impact this assertion which include but are not limited to illegal exploration, visa Racketeering, abuse of office, growing disrespect for the rule of law and the constitution, the clear lost battle in his endless covetous efforts and unethical, unwarranted self-imposed, self-invited and self crowded steward over the Ghana Amputee football management and more utmost to an outcry and quest to barred him from any stewardship and oust him from office since he has outserved his constitutional turner perverse to the legal decrees both as Association president and the NPC president.

“He has radically collapsed the structures to enable him to serve perpetually”
He came with nothing promising to help us advance, but his now a wealthy man…using us to facilitate visas. We’re constantly accompanied by countless unknown members of the team Ghana pretending to be our chaperons who only disappear just after the immigration of the visiting countries grant us entries as delegates only to give us 150 Ghs (13$) at most on arrival at the airport for transport home after leaving our families for weeks to serve the nation “
I can’t believe he is that heartless.

…..Says the narrator lamented almost in tears.

My further questioning and queries from other sources reviewed worse hearthkracking stories.

My findings also proved that the NSA has no records or oversight responsibility of the activities of the NPC president since he was able to put them under his carpet unaccounted for with the excuse that his office is royal and autonomous hence he is to be consulted by all authorities in matters of disability sports and not the other wayround.
I have no choice but to fully agree with the portrayal that Mr. Sampson Deen is a bugaboo and destruction to disability sport growth and a coworker, milking daily of the ranch of Adaptive sports.

Story By:
Kofi Kay.

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