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Ghana Paralympic sports unrest

BY: Kofi K

National protest by the Para-Sports industry plays against the National Paralympic Committee (NPC) – Ghana. On Friday the 12th of April, a group of athletes, officials, and disability sports enthusiasts went on the streets of Accra to petition the Parliament Select Committee on Sports at the Parliament House of Ghana to address issues of false interpretation of the Sports Act, visa racketeering, abuse of official and disabled athletes, and gloss disregards to the constitution.

The Clark of parliament and deputy leader of the sports committee assured the protesters on receiving the petition that, the leadership will look into the concerns raised and ensure the right actions are taken quickly to bring the failing sports back on its feet. While this was ongoing, some top leaders of the Rescue Para-Sports group met with the Director and leadership of the National Sports Authority of Ghana (NSA) submitting documents and discussing issues on the same subject.

This agitation arose earlier last week and got aggravated when the NPC president was granting interviews to various media and sending voice messages to threaten some disabled athletes and para-sports advocates with death and to harm them physically and spiritually for planning to demonstrate.
The demonstrators expressed disappointment in the undemocratic President Sampson Deen and his leadership for overstaying in office, which was very unacceptable.

He has failed to account for his stewardship over the four years and has never called for a single Annual General Meeting (AGM) during his years in office contrary to the directives of the constitution.
They also point to the fact that the president Mr. Sampson Deen went behind the 13 Association members and the General Assembly to register 6 associations in his name as the natural person and beneficiary with the Register of Companies office.

Having spent about an extra unconstitutional year in office, he has scheduled a date for an Extraordinary Emergency Meeting for the 20th of April, strangely with 9 more Associate members unknown to the existing 13 and the General Assembly.

He has also prematurely retired active Paralympian for speaking against using their travel opportunities to participate in championships to facilitate visas for his travels and tour Clints.
“You can’t keep using us for your private visa business,” they say among other ill-treatmentts against vulnerable athletes. Our news team has reason to keep an eye on the subject and its outcome in the coming days and we promise to keep our cherished followers updated.

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