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Para-Sports Predatoriness turns insanity

BY: Kofi K

Disability Sports greed turns into beautiful Madness and disaster in the recent area of Sampson Deen and his NPC administration. Beyond the national agitations and unrest of the industry players calling for his immediate removal from office for a new registration to be organized per the IPC/NPC constitution, the leader has now officially expressed his intentions of having the Amputee Football, a non-paralympic sports and many other non-practising Para-Sports disciplines to his list of the 13 official affiliated sports associations with the voting right that brought his administration to power.

He singlehandedly nominates and approves membership even without the concert of nonaffiliated federation heads just to keep the list bolted which is unconstitutional and in many cases disrespectful to coerced nominated associations or federations. A fruitless cost since it takes only the Congress (General Assembly) to accept membership but not the president per the Constitution.

It is no surprise he desperately needed to find means to increase the voting college that has been equally matched in the last election held on 6 July 2019. He had to resort to violent actions at the polls to force his way to power abruptly opposing all persuasiveness to go for a runoff which is a democratic norm when confronted with an equal-matched situation.

Haven failed to improve the spots to an appreciable degree with a disappointing decline in grassroots to paralympic levels and on the history of Ghana’s participation in Paralympic Games since 20204 in Athens.

To date, Wednesday 17 April, when this journal is being delivered, there is no clue of who or of anyone making it close to qualifications to the next 2014 Paralympic which is just 4 months away in Paris from Wed, Aug 28, 2024 – Sun, Sep 8, 2024.

This worrying situation isn’t just a matter of an administration failure but Mr. Sampson Deen has just deliberately chosen and vowed to deny the numerous potential upcoming athletes and Paralympians access to participate in qualifications for personal reasons owed to power bluff.

Ghana Para Sports indeed needs an intervention rapidly from all quarters to bring sanity and advancement for a better paralympic movement and sustainable sports for the persons living with disabilities desirous of making sports career.


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