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Expect mixed weather forecast – Meteorologist advises

By Angelina Tukpe

As Ghana braces for April, Mrs. Nancy Frimpong Asare from the Ghana Meteorological Agency provides insights into the anticipated weather patterns from the 17th to April 21st across the nation. Currently, the country is experiencing moisture-laden winds, indicating a varied forecast ahead.

It is expected to be mostly sunny throughout the week, which will lead to a rise in temperatures across the country. However, it is worth noting that there may be some scattered rainfall, particularly in the transition sector. Mrs. Asare advises people to be prepared for this, with special attention given to forested areas, where there is expected to be more rainfall towards the weekend.

Although most areas will experience limited rainfall, it is important to exercise caution during rainy spells. Mrs. Asare advises individuals to stay hydrated, apply sunscreen, and carry umbrellas or raincoats when going outdoors. She also emphasizes the need to be vigilant against accompanying windy conditions, particularly during rainfall.

To ensure safety, Mrs. Asare urges citizens to seek shelter promptly when rain showers begin. It is worth noting that residents in the northern sector should prioritize hydration due to the fluctuating weather patterns. By following these expert insights, Ghanaians can stay informed and prepared for the dynamic weather conditions expected in the upcoming week.


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