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Nungua traditional council storms Coconut Grove Hotel demanding for Naa Anyemuede

By Wilhelmina Oddoye

Late on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, the leaders of the Nungua Traditional Council entered the Coconut Grove Regency Hotel in Accra and demanded the presence of their 16-year-old queen mother, Naa Ayemuede.

This was after a betrothal ceremony had taken place between her and a 63-year-old priest, Gborbu Wulomo. As a result, the teenager was subsequently placed under the protection of the government.

As per the traditional council, Naa Ayemuede is being held at a hotel and needs to be freed right away to complete certain ceremonies. Jaasetse Nii Ayi Anakonte, in an interview, requested the President of the Republic, Nana Akufo-Addo, to step in and help resolve the matter. He stated that no laws of the country have been violated and their queen should be released to them.

I have great respect for our President, and I strongly believe that he is not aware of the situation that is currently going on. The Queen Mother has been held in custody for seventeen days now, and we do not know if it is for confinement, detention or arrest. It is important to understand the reasons behind her detention and who is best to protect her. As a concerned citizen, I believe that it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their child.

source: 3News

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