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I vehemently deny these allegations – Haruna Iddrisu Refutes Bribery Allegations of over US$2.5 million

By: Ruth Tang

With references to allegations published by News24, a prominent South African news outlet, accusing the Member of Parliament for Tamale South, Haruna Iddrisu, of being involved in a scandal involving over US$2.5 million (47 million rands) in bribes from the Ghana Infrastructure Company (GIC), operated by siblings Rushil and Nishani Singh from 2017 to 2022, Haruna Iddrisu has issued a statement in response, vehemently claiming the allegations are false.

In his statement, Hon. Iddrisu describes the allegations as baseless and an attempt to tarnish his reputation. He asserts that News24’s report lacks concrete evidence and relies on fabrications and unsubstantiated claims. Iddrisu clarifies that he has no managerial or financial ties to GIC, neither as a director nor a shareholder.

Iddrisu further challenges the integrity of News24’s investigation, pointing out that payments allegedly linked to him were actually made to GIC’s director in Ghana, Asumah Dokurugu, as well as to various suppliers and political campaigns. He emphasizes that these payments have been incorrectly attributed to him without any factual basis.

The MP also addresses the claim that GIC funded the construction of his house and sponsored his foreign trips, labeling these assertions as unfounded and lacking any proof of payment. Additionally, Iddrisu refutes the report’s implication that he ignored attempts by News24 to contact him via social media, noting that he has publicly declared not having any social media accounts.

“I have never at any point in time received personally, directed to be paid to, benefited from, or been aware of, any unlawful, illegal, or immoral payments made by either GIC or the Singhs,” Iddrisu states.
He reaffirms his commitment to ethical conduct and transparency as a public servant and calls for evidence-based journalism.

The MP concludes his statement by announcing that he has referred the matter to his lawyers and is prepared to take legal action to protect his reputation. He demands that News24 provide concrete evidence to support their accusations and condemns the publication for what he perceives as an attempt to use his name to generate attention.

Haruna Iddrisu’s strong rebuttal underscores his stance against the allegations and his commitment to maintaining the trust and integrity of his office. The developing story raises significant questions about media responsibility and the standards of investigative journalism.

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