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Malfunctioning Traffic Lights Spark Road Safety Concerns

By: Ruth Tang

Road safety is a paramount concern for communities worldwide, and the proper functioning of traffic control systems plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and safe flow of vehicles and pedestrians. However, a pervasive issue that intensifies the risk on our roads is the frequent malfunctioning of traffic lights. This problem not only disrupts daily commutes but also heightens the potential for accidents and chaos at busy intersections.

One notable location experiencing this issue is the John Evans Atta Mills High Street. According to some road users, the traffic light at this intersection has been malfunctioning for an extended period and has not been addressed. Dysfunctional traffic lights significantly increase the risk of accidents and fatalities at intersections. Without proper signal guidance, drivers and pedestrians are left to navigate chaotic and unpredictable traffic situations, leading to drivers running red lights, failing to yield, and pedestrians crossing unsafely.
“The traffic lights have been malfunctioning for about eight years now, leading to chaos and misdirections on the parts of drivers. This results in accident and death situations. Even state institutions are around this enclave so we are urging the government to attend to this” said a road user.

Additionally, hawkers are profoundly affected, facing increased dangers and disruptions due to the ensuing road chaos. The unpredictable traffic patterns make it hazardous for these street vendors to sell their goods safely.

The issue also endangers school children by making road crossings unsafe. Without clear signals, children struggle to navigate busy intersections, increasing the risk of accidents.

As urban areas continue to grow and traffic volumes increase, addressing the reliability and efficiency of traffic light systems becomes an urgent challenge. There is a critical need for the government and other relevant authorities to prioritize road safety by tackling the underlying causes of traffic light failures and exploring sustainable solutions to keep our intersections safe and efficient.
“We are urging the government and appropriate authorities to come to our aid” concerned citizens stated.

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