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Rwandans in Ghana Commemorate 30 Years After Genocide with Symbolic Walk

Report by Mensah Maxwell

Rwandans living in Ghana, along with the High Commissioner to Ghana, Her Excellency Rosemary Mbabazi, took part in a symbolic walk from Circle to the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) to commemorate 30 years since the devastating genocide that ravaged their home country.

The walk, which took place today, was a poignant reminder of the atrocities that occurred in Rwanda three decades ago, resulting in the loss of over 800,000 lives.

The participants, including Rwandan nationals, Ghanaian officials, and friends of Rwanda, walked in solidarity to honor the memories of the victims and reflect on the lessons learned from the tragedy.

High Commissioner Mbabazi led the procession, accompanied by other dignitaries, including Ghanaian government officials and representatives of the Rwandan community in Ghana.

The group carried banners and wore attire bearing the Rwandan flag and messages of unity and remembrance.

During the walk, participants shared stories and reflections on the genocide, emphasizing the importance of never forgetting the past and working towards a future where such atrocities can never happen again.

The High Commissioner addressed the gathering, emphasizing the resilience and strength of the Rwandan people and the importance of continued reconciliation and nation-building efforts.

The event culminated at the AMA, where a memorial service was held, featuring prayers, songs, and tributes to the victims. The ceremony also included a candlelight vigil, symbolizing the light of hope and unity that has guided Rwanda through its journey of recovery and rebuilding.

The commemoration served as a powerful reminder of the devastating consequences of hate, intolerance, and violence, and the need for continued efforts towards peace, justice, and reconciliation. As Rwandans and friends of Rwanda came together to remember and reflect, they reaffirmed their commitment to promoting unity, understanding, and human rights for all.

However, the commemoration that not end today: As it is expected to have a Symposium coming Thursday 23rd and Friday, 24th as the main commemoration is expected to be grande.

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