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Tension: OKADA Association Threatens Picketing During Bawumia’s Speech at UPSA

BY: MENSAH MAXWELL mensahm1815@gmail.com

The OKADA Association has issued a stern warning, declaring their intent to picket during Vice President Dr Bawumia’s scheduled speech at the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) tomorrow, Wednesday, February 7, 2024.

The move comes as a culmination of long-standing demands for the recognition and regulation of the commercial motorcycle (OKADA) industry and rising concern over the controversial emission tax.

The National Coordinator of the OKADA Association, representing the interests of riders and stakeholders in the sector, Evans Waja lamented the formal acknowledgement and proper regulation of their industry in addition to the emission.

With the upcoming speech by Vice President Bawumia at UPSA, the association sees an opportune moment to bring their concerns to the forefront.

Key Issues Fueling the Picket

Recognition and Emission Tax: The OKADA Association is calling for official recognition of the OKADA business as a legitimate and integral part of the transportation sector. He argues that acknowledging their role will pave the way for constructive dialogue and collaboration with relevant authorities. Hitting on the emission tax, Waja constructively pointed out how the association is against the tax initiative.
Regulation: Advocates are demanding the implementation of clear regulations governing the OKADA industry. They believe that proper regulation will enhance safety standards, protect the rights of riders, and contribute to overall road safety.

Economic Impact: The association emphasizes the significant economic contributions of the OKADA business to the livelihoods of many Ghanaians. They contend that the industry deserves acknowledgement and support for its role in providing employment opportunities and affordable transportation solutions.
In his submission on ADOA TV P.M Ghana Show, the Coordinator for the OKADA Association outlined their grievances and reasons for the planned picketing.

He says, “We have exhausted all avenues for dialogue and engagement with relevant authorities. The time has come for us to make our voices heard, and we choose to do so during Vice President Bawumia’s speech at UPSA to draw attention to the urgent need for recognition and regulation of the OKADA industry and withdrawal of the emission tax.”

As tensions escalate, all eyes are on the government’s response to the impending picket. The OKADA Association hopes that their demonstration will catalyze meaningful discussions and policy changes regarding the status and regulation of the OKADA business in Ghana.

The situation remains fluid, and stakeholders, including the government and the OKADA Association, are urged to engage in constructive dialogue to address the concerns raised by the association and find a balanced solution that considers the interests of all parties involved.

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