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2024 Elections: Every policy must solve a problem

Story By: Angelina Tukpe

After analyzing policies made by the two major political parties, NPP and NDC, it has become clear that every policy should aim to solve a problem.

The statistics collected from the Data Analysis and Insight show on AdoaTV, highlight the diverse range of stakeholders engaged in the policy. These stakeholders include national decision-makers, local authorities, and the broader population. All of them are poised to reap the benefits of the policy’s implementation.

According to Mr. Mensah Maxwell, who is the Head Researcher for the DAI, there is a specific category in every policy realm, known as Upstream. It includes broad themes such as economy, agriculture, business, and health. Policymakers navigate these multifaceted domains with careful consideration and strategic planning.

Mr. Mensah Maxwell

Downstream, a diverse mix of individuals, organizations, and families are all directly impacted by each policy’s trajectory, he said. Mr. Mensah has emphasized that every policy must have a clear roadmap that outlines three pivotal targets: content, context, and process. The content clearly defines what the policy is about, while the context outlines the specific issues that the policy addresses. Furthermore, the process delineates how the policy will be implemented, ensuring a comprehensive approach to addressing societal challenges, a comprehensive approach to addressing societal challenges.

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