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World Radio Day Is Today

Story By: Angelina Tukpe

On February 13th, the world celebrates World Radio Day. A time to recognize the enduring power of radio in fostering dialogue, promoting diversity, and bridging gaps across cultures and communities. Since its inception by UNESCO in 2011, this annual observance pays homage to radio’s vital role as a medium of communication, entertainment and information dissemination.

Radio, with its ubiquitous presence, continues to serve as a lifeline for millions around the globe, particularly in remote and marginalized regions where other forms of media may be scarce. Its accessibility and adaptability make it a good tool for reaching diverse audiences, regardless of socioeconomic status or technological infrastructure.

This year’s theme, “New World, New Radio, “highlights the innovation of radio in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Radio remains a trusted source of news, providing accurate and timely updates to listeners worldwide

Moreover, radio’s ability to Foster intercultural dialogue and promote language diversity is unparalleled, from local community stations broadcasting in indigenous languages to international networks connecting people across borders, radio helps to share stories, preserve heritage and celebrate cultural exchange.

Radio plays an important role in entertainment through music, drama and storytelling. Radio captures the audience’s attention, transcending barriers of language. It provides a space for artists, musicians and performers to showcase their talents and contribute to the richness of global culture

As Ghana joins the rest of the world to celebrate World Radio Day, we reflect on the enduring legacy of this timeless medium and reaffirm our commitment to harnessing its power for positive social change. It could be amplifying voices, promoting inclusive dialogue or simply bringing joy to listeners’ lives. Radio shapes our world in meaningful ways.


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